Our History

The Academy is an independent academic institution that strives to prepare qualified people who are equipped with academic knowledge, capable of occupying leadership positions in society, and capable of establishing scientific research, and participating in the development of civil societies





Swedish Center of Science and Education was founded in 1994 as a non-profit organization to provide young people in Sweden with the knowledge they need to participate actively in society. During this time, the government financed the center. The center worked to promote understanding of the importance of cooperation, human rights, environmental protection, and natural and cultural heritage, among other things. The goal was to foster an environment of understanding, tolerance, and dialogue.

The academy in its current form was founded in 2015. The Academy is an independent academic organization that aspires to train competent persons capable of taking leadership positions in society, conducting scientific research, and engaging in the development of civic societies.

Swedish Center of Science and Education (SCSE) born 2015 and develp as acdemy.