The Swedish Youth Center of Science and Education (SYCSE)

SYCSE was established in 1994 to promote the development of an understanding of the importance of cooperation, human rights, environmental protection, and natural and cultural heritage. The intention of create  a culture of understanding, tolerance, and dialogue.

Our Mission

SYCSE works to increase the youth's active participation in the development process, by ensuring the chances of participation in the local and international meetings and emphasizing the youth initiatives to develop society. 

Our Vision

we wish to spread the cooperation and knowledge between the Swedish youth and the youth from the rest of the world for a better future. Also, developing the local societies and raise the environmental awareness for climate change. 

Our Values

Cooperation is one of our core values. We welcome anybody and all. We focus on making a positive difference, solving challenges and finding solutions, and searching for chances to move forward together. We intend to take action. We think that the change we want is unavoidable, and we value honesty, transparency, and joy.


Concluded projects

The Environmental Sustainability Research and Training Program for Researchers, Entrepreneurs, and Engineers in Middle East Countries, (Sweden 2021)

Innovative Strategies for Systemic & Resilient Education for Sustainability, Kurdistan, (Iraq. 2021)

Beyond Media Influence (Romania, 2020)

Hydro Political Education & Climate Change Adaptation (FORMAS)(Jordan 2019)

Perspective beyond borders (Georgia, 2018)

One Step Ahead (Poland, 2020)

Colors of Youth Work (Slovakia, 2019)

Sustainability & Youth (Turkey 2019)

Social entrepreneurship (Sweden, Turkey )

Funded by: 

Social Entrepreneurship

Colours of Youth Work

Perspective beyond borders

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